Philippa T. King
Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and Restorative Movement Therapy
Philippa King Restorative Therapist
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Philippa King Restorative Therapist

Philippa King 

I am an advanced bodywork practitioner specialising in therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and restorative movement. My aim is to bring mobility and flexibility to those I work with, using softening, warming, pressure and mobilising movements to ease the tissue into a softer, pliable and more elastic way of being.
I believe that pain alerts us to the need to unravelling our story of ourselves; a sore shoulder can be about holding on to certain emotions and traumas, or a postural habit that needs identifying and changing, or as a result of an injury which once explored, can tell us what we need to know about improving our lives. Our biology is our biography and massage is a way for the stories to begin to unravel. I offer you a quiet, safe place in which to explore those stories and to help guide you to a healthier way of being.

This does not mean that all treatments are necessarily soft and gentle. They can be very deep and very intense. However, they are always tailored to your personal needs as a client depending on your age, gender, occupation, injury, physique, sports played etc. This is a therapeutic treatment, not a beauty treatment.