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About My Work and Training

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In a warm, calming environment, with the aroma of your chosen oil helping you to unwind, I invite your body, through treatment, to undo, release stress and let go of unwanted pain and tension. I use deep tissue, myo-fascial release and appropriate massage and movement techniques to help you ease your body back into finding its way ‘home’.
Since qualifying as a holistic massage therapist, 27 years of studying and working with the body has enabled me to work with greater intuition about each individual client’s needs; as well as considering your medical and emotional history I also use my hands to 'read' the body rather like someone uses their hands to read Braille to inform themselves. This helps me to seek out areas of tension and imbalance I might need to consider during the treatment.

Sometimes it may be more appropriate to massage only the hands of a victim of abuse or the feet of someone who is unable to tolerate full massage due to illness, injury or age. More often a full body massage is the perfect way to reintegrate you with your body and so begin, or continue, the road to better health.


Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
London College of Holistic Medicine 1993
Diploma in Aromatherapy
Vocational Awards International 1997

Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200
Art Of Contemporary Yoga 2009
Teacher B.Ed
Bachelor of Education 1985

Full membership and Insurance
Independent Professional Therapists International