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Restorative Movement

Thankfully, none of us are perfect...neither are we symmetrical. Our bodies naturally learn to adapt to the asymmetry and everyday movements in our lives and we only notice that things are not right when we experience pain or a change in our mobility.

Pain and stiffness alert us to the fact that our body is not happy, but if we ignore those messages, or mask them, our bodies will begin to compensate by reducing (sometimes completely) our ability to move in a certain way, reducing our natural flexibility.

Restorative Movement is movement and postures designed to encourage your body to re-adapt either after an injury that has permanently changed your physical structure, or to generally encourage increased adaptability and flexibility in life.

It is a perfect adjunct to massage, as movements given following treatment for the client to consider at home, can literally 'set in motion' the client's potential to return to better health and a more positive mental and physical state.