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What Happens on your First Visit?

In the treatment room

In adopting a holistic approach, I will need to take a fairly detailed medical history from you. You will also be asked questions relating to your emotional and mental wellbeing as well as information about your diet and life-style.

A full body massage treatment will involve you removing all of your clothes: full coverings are provided and you will be given time to dress and undress and to wrap yourself in towels in private.

If you feel uncomfortable about this, then we can discuss this and alternative arrangements can be made. Massage should be a pleasurable experience. It might sometimes be necessary to perform a particular stroke that causes some discomfort. You will be invited to let me know if you are not comfortable. Certain techniques can certainly ‘reveal’ pain, rather than create it.

Both the room and the bed are heated, as are the large soft towels. If your temperature fluctuates during the treatment, the room can be quickly ventilated or warmed depending on your needs.
Your first appointment will be an hour and a half because of the need to take your history. If you can, try to arrange some time and space for yourself for a couple of hours after each treatment. Future appointments will take about an hour (although one and half hour treatments are available). It is important not to eat or drink large amounts immediately before a massage. I would ask that you advise me of any medication that you are taking.
Massage releases residues into the bloodstream from where they are expelled and it may also cause minor inflammation as the body begins its repairs. Occasionally short term headaches, or a worsening of your symptoms may occur. This is recognised by practitioners in all complementary fields and is a sign that the body is working to heal itself. Drink plenty of water and keep warm and rested. Obviously persistent symptoms would need to be discussed with me.