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I thought that Philippa wouldn't be able to make a difference to me as I am a builder and I play sports. She has managed to get my neck sorted and believe me, her elbow can be fierce!

There should be a more descriptive title for Philippa’s massage. Yes, her blend of just the right essential oils shows how much she understands what you need, and her intuitive touch is the best I’ve found this side of South East Asia. But it’s the rest, the tips on nutrition, the spare bottle of homeopathy, the leftover oils to take home that should also be squeezed into the title. Holistic massage? Too hippy. Massage therapy? Almost. The best hour you’ll spend under a hot towel? That’ll do.
Gilly Smith

Philippa is a lovely person with a fabulous touch. She will treat you holistically and leave you feeling both relaxed and refreshed at the same time after a treatment. She is also a superb teacher; I am waiting for the day when she has her own yoga class.
Dr Susie Rockwell, GP

'Philippa has a wonderful, healing touch. She creates an oasis of calm in her treatment room where you can drift away into total relaxation. After every massage I feel like I am floating on a little fluffy cloud of tranquillity.'
Ali Gale. Personal Coach.'

I love seeing Philippa for massage, I feel totally relaxed and safe. She is warm, skilled, sensitive and very professional.
I really enjoy the way Philippa teaches yoga, she helps me work in the best way for my body. Her approach is very gentle and sensitive yet somehow I finish the class feeling I've worked quite hard! Highly recommended.
The best way to give yourself a well deserved treat... a must for all working stressed out people who need a body and mind MOT.
Philippa was recommended to me over 3 years ago and I have since had regular massages every 6-8 weeks.
Not only is it a wonderful physical experience but it is also fantastic for my state of mind. Philippa offers a professional and totally holistic approach, incorporating advice, genuine interest and a wealth of knowledge about the body and how it works, diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise and general well-being. 
Her knowledge, experience and expertise are incredible!  
I  always look forward to my appointments where I can 'escape' for a while in a warm, trusted, safe and unrushed space and know that I will leave feeling better than when I arrived. Aches and pains disappear, my head is always in a more preferred state and life generally feels better
Anna H
Philippa is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable - her treatments are comfortable, sensitive and restorative. She has been helping me for 15 years.    

Philippa King is an exceptional massage therapist. I have been treated by many practitioners for various structural aches and pains over the years and can honestly say that Philippa's treatments are by far the best I have ever experienced. She is insightful and wonderfully gifted, putting the 'whole' in holistic! Magic hands, magic treatments.
'Not a squeak of whale music in range...bliss'